Anat Phil Golan    "Ani-la"

Coach Anat (Anila) is the mother of three grown children. Her unique method and experience in Baby Yoga and Indian Massage were acquired in Nepal, in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains, following a long spiritual journey.  Anila has been studying and practicing the many facets of Far East culture since 1988. She is a Feng-Shui consultant and a Reiki Master, an avid Yogi of the “Heart Tibetan yoga”, and a well-educated practitioner of Cognitive Thinking, Self-Empowerment and Life Coaching. Anila is a member and a student at the 'Diamond Mountain' Buddhist University in Arizona.  In her native land of Israel, she studied psychology at 'Har Ha'Tisofim" Unitversity in Jerusalem and graduated 'Adler' Institute as a facilitator of parental group. Her studies also included Kabbalah. In her spare time, she volunteered as a paramedic. Anila also studied at The Wingate Institute, Israel's National Centre for Physical Education and Sport. Currently, Anila coaches youth, toddlers, babies, and kids with special needs. She also offers private Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby development and Prenatal Yoga sessions. Anila currently teaches at Malibu Jewish Center, private classes in Malibu, and at the 'Good Life Academy' in Tarzana. Anila was managing classes for Baby Development at 'Monarch's Gymnastics' in Agoura Hills.

Recently, Anila has received her Doula license from Dona International/Bini Birth.   She works privately and in the hospital and at home births.  

Anila offers unparalleled standards of professionalism, knowledge, love and endless compassion.